Telephone & Internet for Holiday Homes in France


Holiday home owners can benefit from Orange's Ligne Résidence Secondaire, paying for telephone service only when required.

Telephone line rental

A standard land-line, but with the advantage that service can be suspended and resumed almost at will. There is no surcharge for line rental or call charges compared with Orange’s normal tariff. (Optional packs are available to include call charges, if required.)

The facility can be set up by telephone or on-line and requires that a Taxe d’habitation bill (for a French primary address) or a Council Tax bill (for a UK primary address) is submitted as proof of eligibility.

Once established, the second home telephone line can be activated and deactivated by telephone or on-line. Fifteen days’ notice is required for activation, with no charge. To deactivate the line, no notice is specified, but there is a charge (see below).

Internet access

The basic Découverte sans engagement offer has been withdrawn since 17 May 2018. If a subscriber had the service switched on at that date, it will continue, but it is no longer possible to start the service (including for previous subscribers who had the service switched off on the date of withdrawal of the offer).


Telephone line rental

Monthly line rental, billed every two months, in advance: from 17,96 €
Activating the service: no charge
Suspending the service: 5,99 €

Activation and deactivation can be arranged by telephone (in English or French), or online (from your Éspace client at Additional fixed-price option packs are available to include call costs, if required. Maximum suspension duration: 1 year.

Guide costs only, last revised July 2020. Be sure to check current charges and conditions before committing.