VPN and Smart DNS service

For privacy and security (e.g., when connecting to the Internet from public wi-fi), a VPN is the solution. HideIPVPN offers a range of packages to allow you to connect to services in the UK, the USA or several other destinations.

ADSL Router

If your Internet access is provided by satellite or one of the local wireless solutions (e.g., Wimax, ADSL Rural and others), this is probably the router that you need to provide a wi-fi signal in and around your home. Delivery is free in France from Amazon's French site.

For normal use, it's straightforward to set up (but we can help, if required).

Powerline adapters

When you don't want your desktop computer next to your router and Wi-Fi has trouble reaching distant parts of your property (or where even a single thick stone wall is too much) these Powerline adapters can provide an excellent solution to network access. Simply plug one in near the router (Livebox, Freebox, Neufbox, etc.) and the other where you want to provide an Ethernet connection.

There is a mains socket on the front of each adapter ('AC pass-through'), so it isn't necessary to have an extra one available – the adapter goes into the wall socket and the router or computer (or multi-way mains adapter) plugs into the front of the adapter. Ethernet cables are included, to make the connection to the router and the computer – as easy as connecting up and that's it. No settings are required at the router or the computer.

Additional adapters can be installed to add more Ethernet points; a compatible Wi-Fi Powerline adapter can be used to provide Wi-Fi to hard-to-reach places, too.