PC Services

Many of our services are offered on a fixed-price tariff and all repairs are on a no-fix, no-fee basis.  There may be a charge for diagnosis if we are not subsequently engaged to effect the repair. Where there are alternative solutions, we'll make sure that you can make an informed choice.

Repairs and Upgrades

Computer won't start? Nothing showing except the 'blue screen of death' and a cryptic error message? Maybe an increasingly sluggish computer, when the simplest task takes forever? It could be a fault, but that's not always the case.
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Network Solutions

With the arrival of broadband, network technology has become more accessible even in a home with a single-computer. Ethernet and wi-fi can bring their own difficulties but once a network has been introduced it will open up many new possibilities for the user.
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Data Recovery

Being unable to access important files and other data on a computer can be a disaster. Although most of us know how important it is to keep a separate copy of vital work, we may not be as meticulous as we should. If the worst happens, all may not be lost.
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Software Installation

Software installation is generally a straightforward process these days – until something doesn't quite work properly, when it can be a nightmare to get right. Error messages can be cryptic and confusing, installation questions a mystery.
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