Linux and Free Software

Today, Linux offers everybody the chance to use a free operating system. There is no licence fee and you can make copies and give them away. It isn't Windows (though many of the fundamental 'user controls' will be familiar), but if you can use Windows, you should have no problems achieving your day-to-day tasks in Linux. Although we wouldn't insist that Linux is right for everybody, there are many situations where it can be an excellent choice.

For the majority of tasks, such as e-mail, web browsing and office document processing, Linux is very user friendly. Indeed, you may already be using the same programs on Windows – Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird and LibreOffice (which came from are immediately available on a Linux Mint installation, for example, together with a selection of programs for managing your music and photos. With very little experience, any common home computer task becomes straightforward and a complete desktop system is available for free download.

Give it a try

We can install the current Linux Mint Long-term Support edition, with your Windows files (documents, photos, music, etc.) ready to use. You'll be shown around the Linux Mint system and we'll be there to help you become familiar with it.

We take a complete backup of your exisitng Windows installation before starting and offer a 14 day warranty – if you don't like Linux Mint, we'll restore Windows for you and refund the cost. If you'd like to give Linux Mint a try, get in touch with us for more details.

We recommend the current Linux Mint Long-term Support xfce edition. This has been chosen for its stability and performance, epecially on older computers, together with support and updates until 2025 (and easily upgradeable beyond that). We would be happy to discuss an alternative version if you would prefer something else.


Important! There are some things that won't work with Linux Mint and for which there is no alternative program, notably most GPS (sat. nav.) devices and some mobile phones, that connect through a computer to get updates. Almost all modern printers and scanners are fully supported. If you think you have something that may not work, ask us for advice.

Tux image: Permission to use and/or modify this image is granted provided you acknowledge me and The GIMP if someone asks. Linux Mint logo: CCbyA - Linux Mint