Custom Site

Where possible, all our web sites are now built on GetSimple CMS. This foundation means that your site works well from the start, with smooth operation and a consistent appearance. If you want to alter the content, it's as simple as using a Word Processor-like editor and changes can be immediate. If you prefer that we manage your site for you, your costs are reduced as we can benefit from this ease of use, too.


This approach also means that you are not restricted to just a few pages, with limited uses. You determine how many pages you have and what they have on them. You can make changes at any time, using any computer with Internet access and a web browser. Pictures and other files can be uploaded to your site for inclusion in pages or to make available for download by your site visitors.

Adding features

Beyond just ordinary pages, many additional features are possible. Popular additions include picture galleries, a contact form and integration with social networking sites such as Facebook. Presenting a multi-lingual site is as easy as adding the translated content and ticking a box – visitors can even be served their own language automatically according to the preference in their web browser.

Optimising for search performance

The site is fully prepared to be optimised for search engines and is submitted to Google and Microsoft Bing when the site goes live. Google verification code is included in the main site page. We can give you guidance on how to go about maintaining your site so that the major search engines can find it easily and reliably.

Site statistics are available through StatCounter; the StatCounter code is automatically included on all pages. On-line access to StatCounter data is available to you at all times and a summary can be delivered by e-mail on a weekly or monthly basis.

All yours

Once all the content material is available, the site can be live within a few days at most (usually the same day).

On completion, the entire site is yours – you are under no further obligation to us regarding subsequent changes or hosting. (The first year's hosting is included and we can offer a full management service if you need it.) All access codes are provided, as necessary.

The following conditions apply:

  • Site template from a standard range (minor customising included, such as colour changes, small layout adjustments)
  • Press-ready copy is provided by the client
  • All photographs, images and graphics are provided by the client

Basic Site Guide Price: from 950 €

Optional Extras

If you need help with special features, just ask! We would be delighted to discuss your specific needs and the best way to make your site work just the way you want – Contact Us!